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Handless Kitchens

The Handless Kitchen Collection

Our handleless kitchens offer a streamlined and uncluttered look throughout the kitchen and help the look of the room to flow throughout. They are perfect for a modern home with an open plan kitchen space as they adequately flow into other rooms such as living and dining rooms. Handleless kitchens look fantastic in a variety of colours, some of our favourites are white and charcoal grey depending on the colours throughout the rest of your home.


Our Unique Handless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are elegantly simple, nice clear working spaces and hidden away storage features help to maintain the sleek, clean look whilst also offering a lot of character. Even fridge freezers, dishwashers, and other appliances are often hidden away behind handleless doors to maintain that continuity.


Aconbury Kitchen Style


Welford Kitchen Style

If you are looking for something to pop in what is a primarily simple kitchen, worktops are your best friend! A quartz, sparkle worktop looks great against a glossy white door. Aspects of contemporary kitchens work extremely well when combined with handleless style and that’s where our designer’s expertise and experience come in to play, we spend time with you figuring out how to perfectly cater a kitchen to your needs and preferences.

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