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Most contemporary kitchens utilize soft mattes or sleek shiny finishes and, in some cases, combine the two to create a bold but effective aesthetic. Discreet lines and smooth curves combined with the shiny or matte finishes work seamlessly with the minimalist style of a modern, contemporary style. The beauty of a minimalist, modern style isn’t only the efficient nature of its design, it’s the fact that it gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you like. There are a lot of elements to a well designed contemporary kitchen and our experienced designers are experts in taking all of your kitchen dreams and making them a reality


Our Unique Contemporary Kitchens

Sleek, clever and efficient designs are what make modern or contemporary kitchens standout from the crowd. When combined with innovative, space saving design features and the latest in kitchen appliances you can rest assured knowing that your kitchen will be a welcoming space tailored perfectly for cooking, eating and entertaining boasting a perfect balance between style and practicality.


Cosdon Kitchen Style

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Two key considerations when designing a contemporary kitchen are lifestyle and practicality. For example, clutter-free worktops make cooking and cleaning much easier but also help to create an inviting space for catching up with family or entertaining friends over the weekend. Clutter free worktops are only made possible with new, innovative and discreet storage systems, making sure every inch of available space is used to its full potential. Those awkward corners and hard to reach spots can now be used as viable and useful storage spaces.

A worktop can be the centerpiece of a well-designed contemporary kitchen, accommodating almost any worktop material; quartz, Corian, stone, and wood being some of our favourites. Everything from subtle, single tone worktops to prominent, sparkle quartz have a place in a contemporary kitchen.

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